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When Your Investment is Too Large to Take Chances

Because I Don’t Know a Single Person Who Can Stand to Lose a Million Dollars


Choose the best plan for you | Deals $1 to $45 million dollars

QoE Light

Full QoE analysis in Excel without the PDF report.Going back to 2021 only.



Standard QoE Scope

Trailing Twelve Month EBITDA

Working Capital Analysis


Guardian Due Diligence’s most popular
service. Get a full QoE sample report.



Everything in QoE Light (Excel only)

Plus: QoE report

Ideal for banks & SBA lenders

Perfect for non-financial experts

Format accepted by equity investors

Advised QoE

QoE with 10 Advisory Hours with Elliott.  For those wanting the best protection.



Everything in full QoE Package

10 hrs of Elliott's Advisory Time

Projection Model Support

Business Plan Support

Key Man Risk Assessment

Red Flag Checklist (65 items)

*Pricing is for deals under $2 million in purchase price, larger deals are slightly more.

**Evaluate your deal against Guardian's list of 40+ War Stories to see if your deal has those same "hidden issues".

A Wealth of Experience

We’ve helped countless buyers make better deal decisions through diligence, revenue growth, cost reduction, and opportunities to determine a target’s full potential. We welcome yours to be the next success story.

Adam Oakley
Adam Oakley
Owner, Express Writers
Start quote

Elliott's expertise and dedication to the project were instrumental in providing the necessary insights to complete the deal successfully. The QoE report delivered by Elliott not only provided EBITDA & working capital but he also assisted us in creating the documents required for SBA approval. His work went beyond our expectations and his in-depth analysis made a significant impact on our decision-making process.

End quote
Beau D'arcy
Beau D’arcy
Owner, Quadrant Tool & Manufacturing Co.
Start quote

I recently completed due diligence on the acquisition of a $7M manufacturing company with the help of Elliott and his team at Guardian Due Diligence. For a deal of this size and nature, there are no better or more cost-effective options out there. I would not hesitate to work with GDD again in the future.

End quote
Kishon Clayborne
Kishon Clayborne
Start quote

Amazing job and Value Add! I can not overstate the value of doing a Quality of Earnings & Proof of Cash on any small business deal. Elliott and his team are extremely detailed and didn't miss a single thing and I'm happy that I spent the money. The seller actually reduced their price by 1.5M after going over the reports. That is 
the value.

End quote
Yehuda Jawary
Yehuda Jawary
Owner, HS Restoration
Start quote

A 60 day window to close the deal & limited access to critical information from the previous seller created significant complexity to the deal.  What distinguished Elliott was his ability to navigate and adapt to these constraints. He demonstrated exceptional problem-solving skills, creatively bridging gaps in our data. His guidance and critical thinking instilled a high level of confidence in me to pursue this deal.

End quote

Buy with confidence.

Sellers can be deceiving, revenue and profits often aren’t real. We dig past the financial statements and use our proprietary processes to ensure you can proceed with the transaction in full confidence.


We know where sellers hide things because we’ve been doing this for over 10 years. We cut through the b.s. quickly.


We can support any part of the deal process or focus strictly on due diligence to maximize your return on investment.


Our methods focus more on next year’s EBITDA because that is what you are buying!

Fraud & Irregularities.

Find 85% of major deal-breaking issues within 7 days, for confidence that your deal is solid, as opposed to ~4 weeks with most CPA firms.


We’ll show you how to leverage diligence findings 
to reduce purchase price. We save $100,000+
on average.

Peace of Mind.

Knowing that all critical areas have been combed through thoroughly, and that it will not fall apart a few years.

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