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Part-Time Searchers, Fast-Track Your Business Acquisitions

You're making $240k+ a year.  You want your freedom through business acquisition.  But if you quit your job, you'll lose that $20k a month.  

The Deal Closer's Society will help you complete a part-time search, keep your salary, and still execute.

Welcome to the Deal Closers Society

I’ve engineered a unique solution to propel you swiftly through the acquisition journey without any additional financial burden.

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Your Shortcut to Mastering Deal Closing:

The crux of the first-time buyer’s dilemma is the steep learning curve and the time it devours. With the Deal Closers Society, I’ve obliterated this curve, offering you an instant gateway to the crucial knowledge and skills you'd otherwise spend half a year acquiring.

Your lucrative deal no longer has to wait!

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Elliott's 6 Part Deal Success Framework

Harnessing my 15+ years of experience I’ve distilled the process into six critical steps:


Deal Evaluation: Accurately discern the true worth of your potential acquisition.


LOI Negotiation: Navigate the nuances of Letter of Intent negotiations with finesse.


Due Diligence: Dive deep to unearth potential snags before they morph into costly errors.


Risk Mitigation: Strategize to pare down the risks tied to your acquisition.


Ownership Maximization: Unveil the tactics to bolster your ownership experience.


Vendor Leverage: Master the art of enlisting vendors as your due diligence allies.

I’ve tailored two pathways to align with your unique needs and financial comfort:

Standard QoE


One Time Fee

A standard QoE will allow Elliott to advise you for 6 weeks of your 8-month deal process or around 17%. Why not get advice for 100% of your deal process allowing you to succeed sooner & with more comfort?

Pay As You Go


Per Month

Get advice during 100% of your 8-month deal process (& beyond).  Don't pay a single cent more! Make monthly payments of $3k. Elliott will advise you each month for up to 18 months until you close your deal. Play to win!

Enjoy up to 10 hours of support from Elliott each month to help you accelerate your process in the exact format you need it.  You're analyzing deals each month, get support each month, until you succeed.

Why Let Freedom Slip Through Your Fingers by Pinching Pennies?

Start making monthly investments to create your freedom through acquisition today.  Your next-year self will thank you for not squandering this limited capacity opportunity today

Ready to Jump the Queue?

Eager to sidestep the long-winded traditional route and jump straight into action? I'm here to guide you through. Reach out by using the form below, and let’s kickstart your accelerated acquisition journey with Deal Closers Society today!