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Unleashing Your Full Potential with the Guardian Growth Program


Maximize Your Chances for a 10x Deal for Your Business

The Big Problem:

10X growth matters to YOU in ways you've never experienced before.

Give yourself the best chance for success and put your first million dollars in the bank.

Why Choose Guardian?

Elliott has grown his business from a startup in 2020 to a million dollars in revenue, with 100%remote workers, no employees, and working around the globe.  He’ll share that playbook with you.

Prior to this, he was GM of an SMB and grew it from $5 million to $25 million in just a few years.

With over 15 years in business, he has helped clients create wealth north of $327 million.

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Elliott Understands the Desires of Private Equity Buyers to Achieve a 10x Growth

A deal's outcome can swing from a 1x to a remarkable 10x return for the owner. The pivotal factor is running the company with an end goal in mind from Day 1. Knowing what PE buyers seek is essential for a successful sale. With extensive experience in the PE industry, Elliott understands precisely what attracts buyers, potentially leading to substantial payouts for business owners.

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Master Your Business Growth Game

Sales & Marketing Playbook

Use the same marketing team that Elliott uses  ➝ Leverage outsourced sales teams to scale faster ➝ Whether home service or manufacturing, these tactics work!

Strategic Acquisitions Playbook

Turn $700k of SDE into $1.5M of EBITDA ➝ 1-2 acquisitions gets you there ➝ At $1.5M of EBITDA, you're selling to PE at 6-8x ➝ Freedom money

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equity earn-in*

With a 3 year vesting schedule.

Skin in the game is the only way to compensate for growing million dollar businesses.

*depending on deal size

Take Charge of Your Success Now!

Join the Guardian Growth Program and unlock your full potential. Elevate your business prospects by maximizing the opportunity for a 10x deal. Secure your place in financial success and make your first million dollars a reality.