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Frequently Asked Questions

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What separates you from other QoE providers?

I am a PE/self-funded searcher & deal professional who has sat in your seat and successfully closed deals and now I run a QoE firm that helps others do the same. All of my competition came from a CPA/Audit background so their analysis is limited to the accounting numbers. Our analysis is all about the deal. Our tagline is "We help people close great deals and kick bad ones out". My CPA competition could not tell a good deal from a bad one because they're too risk adverse.

Who does the actual work? You + team of associates?

I run a team of 17 CPAs who do the QoE analysis. I scope the analysis and make sure they focus on the key items and don't spend hours/days on items that don't affect EBITDA or purchase price by over 10%. I also translate accounting analysis from the QoE into plain language for you in deal terms. I also answer all your questions.

Do you offer help with negotiation if a deal warrants repricing?

Yes.  I'm the only provider who can do this b/c of 15 years of deal experience.

When does your support technically end? Do you provide a final review or checklist at close?

We do provide a checklist that takes 65 War Stories where we've stopped clients from losing millions and put them into a checklist for future clients.  This is part of the Complete Package but we can discuss adding this to the other two packages for your benefit.  Our support generally stops when the deal closes.  Because much of the negotiation happens after the QoE but before the deal closes.   I also have a Guardian Grow package that helps people grow and maximize their exit value to get rich.  I can share more if you like.  So for many clients, my support never ends because I can add value post-close.  Most folks want to sell to PE.  I worked in PE.  I know how to set you up for success.

How do you phase the engagement fees? Any opportunity to apply some or all broken deals fees to a future engagement?

We phase our work each week and prorate the fees equally each week.  We provide a draft workbook by the end of week 2 that catches 85% of deal breakers.  So most clients where the deal is materially off, we find it by week 2, and the client only pays half.  We also apply 50% of any QoE fees to your next deal with us.

Does QoE of Lite or “Regular” include any tax return analysis?

Yes.  Detailed tax analysis is extra but I think you recognize that already.

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