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1st Time Business Buyers. I’ve solved your biggest problem.


Yes. I'm being that bold.

The Big Problem:

Your in the SMB game but you're just starting. And the truth is you're struggling each month because you're learning a new, highly complex game and you're still learning how to win. So you spend months on the sidelines while other more experienced buyers beat you out on the best deals.

And you do this failing & learning for months until you get good enough to get a deal under LOI. It's a lonely path. I know because I was on the same path for 2 years.

But what if there was a better way?

A man at a computer in his office exhausted and rubbing his eyes.

Let's Talk About the Pain


You didn't quit your 6-figure job to sit on the sidelines for 
6-9 months as you learn how to do deals.


You're not burning your nights and weekends and free time and lunch breaks to sit on the sidelines and not be successful.


Your family can't survive forever while you learn.


Your savings will eventually run out and you'll have to give up, go back to your job, and admit defeat to all those you told "you'd never go back" (the story for full time searchers).


Your nights and weekend efforts will always be less than the full time searchers so you must figure out a way to be more efficient with less time before your time is up and you have to admit the same defeat (the story for part time searchers).

The 1st Time Business Buyer’s Challenge

If I saved you 6 months of blown wages and enabled you to close a solid deal today ➝ is that worth $100k to you?

I money graphic illustration on how you can lose 20k a month.


The time it takes a typical First Time Buyer to get smart enough to close a solid SMB deal.


Lost wages suffered while you learn enough to be able to close a solid deal.

Your million dollar future costs $1k/mo

Win the SMB Game to close a million-dollar deal, quit your terrible 9-5, operate your business from anywhere, and reclaim your time. 
Allowing you to exit and never have to work again.

1st Time Business Buyers Program

Plans start at $1k/month. You need a little help each month so you pay a little money each month.

100% of what you pay goes towards your QoE so you pay not a single dollar more than a person purchasing a QoE today. You just pay in a smarter way.